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Bordeaux en-pile a au moins un problème avec les algorithmes de Blogger qui servent à identifier les blogs indésirables. J'espère que les "Piles" seront les bienvenues chez Blogger et une solution pourra être trouvée permettant de dépasser le test de Turing, puisque en fait c'est un 'bot qui poste vers les "Piles".

Les deux expérimentations que j'ai tenté en sont là pour l'instant. Je fais un effort avec Bordeaux en-pile, validant chaque post manuellement en attendant que le cas soit vu par les gens de Blogger. J'ai laissé tombé le deuxième et je le transférerai sur une autre plate-forme de blogging, probablement WordPress. Et je vais envoyer ce post à des managers d'autres plate-formes espérant des comptes gratuits pour faire les essais et pourquoi pas des comptes gratuits pour installer des "Piles" pour leurs clients/bloggers.

Je viens de contacter les gens de "The Official Blogger Buzz" pour demander conseil et critiques à propos de l'idée (si vous pensez que je vais traduire la lettre vous vous trompez :-P)


Bordeaux en-pile have at least a problem with Blogger's algorithms intended to identify undesirable blogs. I really hope that "Piles" will be welcome by and a solution should be found to avoid the test, as this is actually a 'bot posting to "Piles".

The two experiments I set-up are stuck at this level. I'll give it a try for , validating each post manually and awaiting for the review. I gave up with the second experiment which I'll transfer t another blogging platform, probably WordPress. And I'll send this post to managers from other platforms hoping to get free accounts for testing and why not free accounts to implement the idea definitively for their clients/bloggers.

I just contacted the people of "The Official Blogger Buzz" to ask for advice and comments on the idea:

Hi there,

This is blog-related, it may be interesting for you but I don't really know if you are the right people to contact for the moment.

The categories of this message could be Meta-blogging and/or Multi-blogging.

The project is called "" and was born during a brainstorming with Bordeaux bloggers. As I'm the father of the concept I decided to bring it to my favorite blogging platform, Blogger. Having in mind that this could be the right place as at the final implementation AdSense is to be the motor (at least the financial part of it).

The idea is quite simple: a 'bot is scanning the actualization feeds of a set of blogs and post them to a "Pile", a blog dedicated to this particular set of blogs. The 'bot is installed on a 'serving' machine.

Entries on the "Pile" conserve the title of the original post, the name of the blogger, the date of initial posting and the 'bot is adding Technorati tags; some being specific of the "Pile", say for Bordeaux en-pile, "Bordeaux, blog, blogger", some specific of the blog, say "TheBloggersName" and, to come soon on your screens, tags extracted from the description of the post included in the post.

So, the "Pile" presents the posts of the set of blogs under scrutiny. An example is running at http://en-pile.blogspot.com (Bordeaux en-pile).

As much sets as one can imagine can be set-up. Based on location, special interest, presence on a specific blogroll etc. The bloggers don't need to 'act' to see their posts aggregated by the 'bot, not even express interest. The "Pile's" editorial team choose the feeds to include and this is the only moderation level.

Now, problems appeared as I started experimenting. OK, this is a 'bot application, but I suppose/hope that "Piles" aren't undesirable on Blogger. This is a communities building tool, in general, and a nice pipeline for AdSense. But the fact that "the 'bot acts as a 'bot "is detected and the words filtering routine is installed. For a few days I'll manage with that for Bordeaux en-pile. Waiting for the blog to be unlocked as I requested.

But that can't be generalized for every "Pile" we are planning to set-up (~100 'till now).

The first question is: who should I contact to be able to bypass this problem before it appears. Somebody to whom I could address the name of the "Pile"-blogs as soon as they are set-up and before starting posting, so there will be no need for locking/unlocking.

We think that this is a nice idea and that this could be generalized. For the moment the 'bot I'm using is the creation of an amateur, me. It requires a (this is Applescript, the most complex language I can use) and is based on the use of the & bundle, from Ranchero Software. I plan to make it a little bit more efficient by bypassing the need for NetNewsWire&MarsEdit; but this will remain an Applescript application as far as I'm concerned.

The second question is: Could you propose somebod[y | ies] able to make it multi-OS? Of course it should remain as Open as possible.

Independently of answers to the two questions, I would like to have your opinion on the subject: "Piles".

This is almost , and certainly , as the reposts contain more information then the original, at least the Technorati tags. And you are the experts on the domain ;-)




Expecting answers and comments :-)

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