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by Annie BlueSky and the feed. ;-)

Hello Annie

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anniebluesky a dit…

Hi oldcola. Just snooping around your site. (Most of it I can't read!) But, I did enjoy your post on Blogger Categories. It seems like a viable option.

I'm learning as I go...and I find it very interesting. So, I thought I would put what I find in a blog. I love to 'tweak' things until it is the way I like.


OldCola a dit…

Hello Annie,
Nice to hear from you.

Well, my main blog is in French because I'm living in France. :-)
If any of my other preoccupations is of any interest for you you will find my nickname in your path.

For Blogger Categories (a hack I don't use because I don't like "Categories") you may visit ozlady. She done a nice job based on my presentation.

I'll keep an eye on your blog, hopping to learn from it.