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Visually, they look awfully similar but the actual words included say such dramatically different things about their communities. Fascinating fascinating... And one may also discuss about the meanings of each tag ;-) Just go and see what sexy is used about on Flickr. I do undestand the differences about what people call sexy, preferences aren't a discussion subject here, I can even understand that that's sexy, but a sexy laptop ?! Or a sexy camera ?! What are those? Sextoys or something related? And as Soeren discuss, lesblogs isn't about lesbians blogging but about the blogs. What a pity! [edit]
First the name and chosen tag for those of us doing tagging: lesblogs really makes me think of, err, blogs of women talking mostly about, you know, women. But that might just be me, English as a foreign language and my nasty mind (just joking, Loic).

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