Blogging & Netcf2: Blogging: generate categories for your blog

Blogging & Netcf2: Blogging: generate categories for your blog

There are comments coming from a previous era of this blog. The one still haunting the Net; generally I have e-mail messages about Blogger Categories; the hack I described haven't be used as widely as I expected, people just don't know what the want ;-)

Last via Haloscan, from Daniel:

I have a simple way of having categories in Blogger. Please visit http://netcf2.blogspot.com/2005/11/blogging- generate-categories-for-your.html for more info. There's even a JavaScript code generator to generate code to be included in your sidebar template.

Quite nice, but still I don't see any improvement when I compare with tags.
Maybe (even probably) microformats will survive, despite their primitiveness, I may even say, because of they primitive simplicity and great efficiency.

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¥€$ a dit…


¥€$ a dit…

J'ai cru un moment que c'est pour créer des sous-dossiers chez blogspot.com... :-/

OldCola a dit…

non ! l'époque du ftp chez Blogger est passée :-(

mais on fait avec