While Typepad gained a new blogger, Dilbert [by Scott Adams], a lot of people are worried 'cause TypePad seems to creaking under the strain of its own success.

When I speak to companies about corporate blogging, TypePad always enters the conversation. It's a service I often suggest to people to use in their experimenting stages, or even use the service for their actual business blog. Yet based on my own experiences since mid year, I'm beginning to worry about saying that now. (#)

six apart is aware of these issues:

These failures and other issues have caused outages both in the reading and publishing of blogs on TypePad. We've also seen some sporadic application performance issues related to statistics, which we're working on solving this week. (#)

And they are working to fix them:

We're going to do a better job of giving you updates on our status as we work to improve the service. Thank you for your loyalty, and we're working very hard to earn back your trust.

I wonder if the approach proposed by Adams for comments on errors couldn't be used for blog publishing:

If you notice a grammar, punctuation, or spelling error in my blog, and you absolutely can’t control your urge to tell me, please follow this process:

  • Research the Native American method for sending smoke signals.
  • Set your couch on fire.
  • Stand on the roof and use your “good shirt” to control the signal as it comes out of the chimney.

Or if you prefer, just enjoy the blog as if it were an e-mail from your friend who thinks he’s clever but isn’t as clever as he thinks.

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